2024 State of IT Operations Report

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ITOps Agility

In this year's report, 500 U.S.-based ITOps professionals express how automation increases their IT agility – reducing costs and enhancing endpoint management capabilities. The report also reveals that less than half (44%) of organizations have high ITOps agility, with the most agile showing mature uses of AI and workflow automation tools.

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Key learnings from 2024

Less than half of organizations report a high level of ITOps agility.

57% say keeping up with technological advances is the most significant challenge they face.

The most agile organizations are more mature in their use of AI and workflow automation tools compared to organizations with low IT agility.

Highly agile organizations (67%) are more likely to use AI-language models to solve novel problems than those with low agility (39%).

Compared to low IT agility organizations, high IT agility organizations have fewer challenges and accomplish tasks faster.

Highly agile ITOps teams (56%) can apply a change like configuration or software deployment organization-wide in under 30 minutes compared to low agility teams (26%).